Business Outlook

A Business Plan has been drawn up with the assumption that Agapet runs with only its traditional source of income. It is assumed that in the long term the company will increase the proportion of its own stations to the stock of retail outlets.

Significant investments will also be made in human resources through appropriate training and retraining programs so that the staffs that drive key processes appreciate the dynamics of the business and can stay ahead of competition. The training and retraining of the salesmen, salesgirls and the pump attendants who are regularly exposed to our esteemed customers are paramount in our core business of providing quality customer care.

Our ultimate goal is to become one of the key players in the Ghanaian downstream petroleum sector by the year2015. In this regard Agapet has developed a new business plan to capture all the new areas we are venturing into as a direct result of the de-regulation of the petroleum industry in Ghana.

In line with our corporate mission and vision we continuously seek to network with industry players and stakeholders. We strongly believe this is the only way to attain our set objectives in a relatively short time.

Strategic Assets

40 consumer retail stations, 8 bulk consumer outlets, 5 LPG consumer retail stations and 14 strategically located plots of land in various parts of the country.


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