About Agapet (Ghana) Limited

Agapet Limited was set up in response to growing demand for petroleum retail station services and to fill the gap left by the established multinationals that only operate in specific locations to the neglect of other locations, which equally need such services. The company was licensed in May 2003 and started operations in June the same year. Agapet has actually grown faster than the promoters had envisaged. This is an enviable achievement. It is no wonder that Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) and the Bulk Distribution Companies (BDC) rated Agapet high among the Indigenous Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) that do business with them.

The Directors have identified even more growth opportunities that need to be explored. However in keeping with the philosophy and approach of the Promoters, this pursuit of growth is being conducted in an orderly manner within the framework of well-thought out strategies and programs. The Directors believe this is a way of ensuring that all success factors can be identified and incorporated whilst the risks can also be provided for, avoided or dealt with as the case may be in order to limit their negative impact on the business.

Board of Directors

Mr. Emmanuel A. Abledu, Board Chairman
Dr. David Kafui
Prof. Obed Abledu
Mr. Gershon Klutse
Mr. Nicholas Turkson
Mr. Seth Agbeveade, Board Secretary


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